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Five things you will find in my pockets
1. Pen
2. Small Notepad
3. Sunblock
4. Extra antihistamine medicine
5. SGC ID tag

Five things in my bedroom
1. Alarm clock
2. Notes on bedside table
3. A single person bed
4. Creeping vine plant...that's been dead for awhile...I should throw that out
5. Bookshelves with more books

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
1. Be taken seriously in the scientific community
2. Write a book
3. Translate all of my unsolved projects...which would probably take longer than I have to live sadly enough
4. Make a difference
5. Win an argument with Jack

Five things that make me very happy
1. Finally figuring out a puzzling translation
2. Reading
3. Explaining ancient cultures
4. My wife Sha'uri
5. Meeting new races and cultures

Five things I’m currently into
1. Ancient's language
2. Jazz music
3. This sort of lizard dish Sha'uri likes to make
4. Expert level crossword puzzles
5. ...dying, apparently.

Five things on my To-Do list
1. Translate entire Ancient language
2. Work with Teal'c to make a complete Goa'uld language dictionary
3. Report to General Hammond for our briefing today
4. Eat lunch
5. Gear up for next mission to PR-734

Five things some people may or may not know about you
1. I grew up in a foster home after my parents were killed in an accident
2. The time spent on Abydos after the SGC team left was the happiest of my life
3. I do tend to talk faster when I get excited about a subject
4. I forget to sleep and sometimes eat when I'm working on a difficult translation...it's just so fascinating
5. I own over 5,000 books, I lost count after awhile

Five most important moments of the last year
1. Discovering that my theories were in fact correct
2. Translating the symbols on the Stargate
3. Meeting Sha'uri
4. The defeat of Ra
5. Meeting Mitchell

Five things you enjoy doing during your free time
1. Translation (duh)
2. Reading
3. Crossword puzzles
4. Sleeping
5. Wait, I get free time?

Five impressions of the person who tagged me!
1. Calculated
2. Smart
3. Helpful
4. Professor
5. Slightly eccentric

I tag Jack, Shakarri, and Mitchell. No sense in tagging other me's out there, but if you feel the need, go right ahead.
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*in regards to this post, this comment in particular*

Daniel: shoulda brought a zat
jackson!mun he doesn't wanna kill anyone
Daniel: Aw, thanks jack :)
jackson!mun (for the zat)
shakarri!mun hehehehe
Daniel: ....wait, what's wrong with my aim?
Jack: Let's just say I'd feel safer if you had that okay.
shakarri!mun (Since you are spader daniel)
Daniel: I'm just saying...oh, right, I forgot
jackson!mun *looks furtively about....and morphs into Michael Shanks*
shakarri!mun *Jack hands over a real gun then*
Daniel: *cough cough* So what's wrong with my aim?
jackson!mun yay!
Daniel: I gots myself a guuunn....
Mira *Singing to the tune of Janie's got a gun* Danny's got... Oh. never mind I'll behave
Daniel: Where's the safety again? *he's kidding of course....or is he?*
Mira: Huh, *Hides behind old man Jack*
Other Jack: And you thought giving him a gun was a good idea, how?
Jack: Well if we're lucky he'll take out most the bad guys
Other Jack: And if we're not lucky?
Jack: Well... why you think I'm behind him?
Other Jack: Good point....mind if I get behind myself?

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May. 7th, 2009 02:11 pm
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*frozen in cryostasis on random spaceship*

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Redux!verse with Jack, Daniel, and Mitchell but mostly Daniel and Mitchell. Follows this. Enjoy!

Cut for length )
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Daniel tossed his pencil at the mess on his desk with a frustrated sound. He leaned back in the chair with a sigh, running his hands through his hair. "I give up. I'm just not seeing it."

The it being a translation he'd been working on for about 36 hours straight. Which equaled out to about 15 cups of coffee and 5 pencils worth. Now the text was starting to look like a bunch of squiggles, no matter how often he adjusted his glasses.

The text had been found on a mostly deserted planet, PT-586. The building structures there seemed to say there had once been an advanced culture...but it seemed to have disappeared into thin air. All that was left was their writings. There was a pattern, but it just didn't follow any languages Jackson was familiar with. The letters were a collection of dashes, dots, and circles. More of a methodical code than anything...


"That has to be it," Daniel said aloud. "It's a math based language...which means I'm a bit out of my league." He picked up the phone, calling General Hammond. He was going to need help on this one.

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Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:56 pm
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Why is it always me? Again.


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He'd been crossreferencing the pictures taken from the expedition of the Asgard outpost with what he knew of their language thus far. He'd also gotten done talking with Dr. Frasier about Mitchell's scans and tests to see why he was talking Asgardian involuntarily.
As Daniel turned the corner, his eyes on a folder, he looked up to see Jack and Mitchell groaning at a play on the television in front of them.

*confused look* "Um...what's going on here?"


Apr. 16th, 2009 02:08 am
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Apologies to all stories left hanging. The mun has been deathly ill for about three days and is only now able to get up and around. Tagging will be slow for awhile due to this.
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