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(Test run really helped. Thanks everyone!)

This muse is set sometime after the first Stargate movie. He's been living on Abydos for about six months with Sha'uri and her people. He's become mostly fluent in the spoken Egyptian dialect they use, even if his accent is a bit basic at times, he's getting better at it.

About this time, he was called back to Stargate Command to help with some difficult translations found on another planet. Jackson didn't really want to leave Abydos as it is practically home for him now, but he really couldn't do anything about it. They sent a team to escort him back if he wouldn't come.

He is not familiar with anything that went on with SG1 such as the Go'auld or Replicators and whatnot. But that doesn't mean he can't learn about them. He is one of the few who was allowed to learn about the Stargate in the first place so his security clearance is pretty high to begin with.

Also not familiar with Atlantis expedition, but can learn about this also if necessary.
Characters he is familiar with would be limited to Colonel O'Neill and possibly some of his superiors if SGC hasn't changed hands. (if an SG1 O'Neill muse wants to make contact, let me know if you want Daniel to play it as if he knows him or not)

He is able go on Stargate missions of any sort as he works for the SGC so long as he's on Earth.
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Intro post to come eventually...

Mun is sorting out where muse fits into Stargate universe...


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