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Redux!verse with Jack, Daniel, and Mitchell but mostly Daniel and Mitchell. Follows this. Enjoy!

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"What do you mean, I can't go?" Daniel couldn't believe his ears. He was sitting in General Hammond's office who had just told him he couldn't go on the mission.
"I mean just that, Dr. Jackson," the General said calmly. "You're still recovering and still unable to see. Quite frankly, you would be a liability to the team. You're out. Colonel Mitchell will brief you on what they find when the team gets back. End of discussion."

It wasn't fair, Daniel was telling himself as he walked his way back to the lab, his hand slightly touching the wall as he walked to the elevators. He should be going, they were going to need a lingustics expert. "Shakarri can go," Hammond had said. "She can read hieroglyphs as well and shows promise as a good ally for our side." Daniel couldn't disagree with that but still...he wanted to go. Reading hieroglyphs was one thing, translation was another. One way or another, he was going to find a way to go on this mission.

A little later...
Mitchell was already doing his pre-mission briefing/peptalk. There was half a dozen soldiers with him and Shakarri. "The planet we are going to is M9 dash beta. The previous mission to it brought back the inscribed rock from a sort of small shrine in a wooded area. We're looking for anything in or around the area that can be connected to that find. The piece they brought back is missing something. It could be a liquid in a bottle like the one found in our piece or it could be something completely different, so keep your eyes open. According to the reports, the planet is inhabited by a race of humanoids who are similar to those living in the middle ages, but don't get cocky. They do have energy weapons at their disposal and are very territorial. Fortunately, the last team got out of there without confrontation. I would appreciate it very much if we can do the same." He turned off the screen behind him that had been showing pictures of the previous mission. "Any questions? No. Ok, gear up everyone. We leave in 10 minutes."

As the soldiers dispersed and suited up in their gear, one extra was suiting up with them. Careful to keep his hat low and follow along with the man in front of him, Daniel was sneaking in on the mission. He followed the sounds of the group, holding his weapon close against the borrowed combat outfit he was wearing.

"Chevron Seven encoded." The stargate popped to life, filling with the etherial blueish wormhole that resembled a sideways gleaming puddle of water. "Good luck," Hammond's voice came from the control room above them. The team moved forward and into the stargate.

Team Muses thus far: [livejournal.com profile] shakarri, [livejournal.com profile] sgmitchell
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*fell asleep waiting for the computer simulations to finish*

*glasses pushed back on forehead, head laying on his arms on top of the desk*
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"Uh huh...yeah..." Daniel was listening with the phone up to his ear as a tech on the other end was reading off their reports. When he'd failed to get his computer to read back to him without being able to see it to program it, he did the next best thing: Call Area 51. Not too many people would be able to do what he just did, but his SGC security clearance carried him right through.

"So it's dormant?" he asked, talking about the liquid in the bottle he'd touched earlier. The slightly southern voice of the technician came through on the other side of the phone. "Yes, the compound is incomplete. It seems to require a specific mirror compound to complete itself. We were thinking of running some simulations as to what kind of compound it would need..."

"Don't worry about that, we can do that here," Daniel said. "Just send over the results of your tests to my lab." He gave her the fax numbers and email addresses so she could do so. He thanked her and hung up the phone.

A little bit later, he was in the lab listening to one of his assistants as they were reading off some of the highlights of the reports that were coming in. Jackson was making sure he was sitting down, as he was supposed to be resting, but his mind was certainly active enough. "Ok, let's run a simulation based on human DNA interacting with this compound. Maybe we'll get lucky and figure out what this substance was meant for."

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Mar. 24th, 2009 01:42 pm
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*sitting down in chair* Much better than the infirmary.

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Mar. 24th, 2009 05:09 am
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*heading to level 18 with [livejournal.com profile] shakarri
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So yes, he was glad that he was alive and mostly well. Even if the blindness was taking a bit getting used to.

But now he was just laying there....in bed...with nothing to do. And it was really getting to him. No books to read, no word puzzles...couldn't even do paperwork. It was getting to be more than he could take. All he could do was listen to people coming and going, most of them medical personell that he'd never met before.

"...on duty tonight. I have to watch that Go'auld lady." Daniel could hear a masculine voice saying as two people passed in the hallway. He guessed they were soldiers by the sound of their boots on the floor and what they were talking about. "Shouldn't be a problem, she hasn't really moved from her cot since she got there..." Their voices faded as they moved along.

A plan was hatching in the back of his mind. One couldn't keep a scientist's mind bored for long. He'd already timed the regular medical personell shifts as they came and left. The IV was out of his arm now that he was eating again.

When he was pretty sure he was alone, he carefully got himself out of bed. His legs were still a bit shaky but he wasn't going to back down now. Even if he was caught, he would have done something besides laying there doing nothing. He found his jacket thrown over a chair next to his bed and felt around in the pockets for his ID badge. He felt around carefully till he found the doorway out and made his way down the hall with a hand to the wall.

His timing was good enough, the people who passed were deep in conversation and didn't pay him any attention. Amazingly he made it to the elevator and stepped inside. Someone else was in there already...Daniel kept his head slightly down, trying to hide his white eyes and kept his badge in full view. "Where to, sir?" the young soldier asked.
"Uh, level 16," Daniel said, grateful that he wasn't going to have to push all of the buttons to try and find the right one. He knew he was on level 21 and counted the pings the elevator made till it reached the level to the brig.

Now finding the right cell, that was going to be a challenge.

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*trying to eat something*
*still recovering*

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SWS (never posted): *heavily sedated, sleeping it off, exhausted...*

It was like a nightmare going on around him. Everything was amplified tenfold. Fear knawed at him like a rabid dog, every nerve in him on edge. He couldn't find Sha'uri, where was she? He knew she wasn't safe, he had to make her safe.

Hands, there were hands trying to keep him down, he was certain they were trying to hurt him...

She was talking, he was sure he could hear her. Such a nice voice...safe? Were they safe?

Was he up and talking? He couldn't be sure. It was all dark, he couldn't see a thing. He wasn't even aware of the gun in his hands but he tried to explain. He was aware of what had happened and he didn't have the strength or mental faculties to tell anyone what it was. They were still pushing him, trying to keep him there. He had to stop it...he had to...

And then, everything went black. A nice soft black of sleep far away from the nightmare.

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*semi-conscious, perspiring, and scared*
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(Test run really helped. Thanks everyone!)

This muse is set sometime after the first Stargate movie. He's been living on Abydos for about six months with Sha'uri and her people. He's become mostly fluent in the spoken Egyptian dialect they use, even if his accent is a bit basic at times, he's getting better at it.

About this time, he was called back to Stargate Command to help with some difficult translations found on another planet. Jackson didn't really want to leave Abydos as it is practically home for him now, but he really couldn't do anything about it. They sent a team to escort him back if he wouldn't come.

He is not familiar with anything that went on with SG1 such as the Go'auld or Replicators and whatnot. But that doesn't mean he can't learn about them. He is one of the few who was allowed to learn about the Stargate in the first place so his security clearance is pretty high to begin with.

Also not familiar with Atlantis expedition, but can learn about this also if necessary.
Characters he is familiar with would be limited to Colonel O'Neill and possibly some of his superiors if SGC hasn't changed hands. (if an SG1 O'Neill muse wants to make contact, let me know if you want Daniel to play it as if he knows him or not)

He is able go on Stargate missions of any sort as he works for the SGC so long as he's on Earth.


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