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Ask them a question!
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Ultimate Livejournal by Bitchgoddess23
Your best friendrepositorykept
Thinks about you all the timedogtag_canvas
Wishes they could be youmypoint_exactly
Has dreams about youhumanatheart
Is secretly stalking youjaffa_notacake
Has a crush on yougay_purree
Wants you deadsister_vesina
Pretends to be your friendstargatejackson
Tells people your secretschuck_not_chet
Spreds rumors about younotdiplomatic
Is in love with yousuffers_vertigo

Thank you ever so much...now I have a reason to be paranoid...
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Five things you will find in my pockets
1. Pen
2. Small Notepad
3. Sunblock
4. Extra antihistamine medicine
5. SGC ID tag

Five things in my bedroom
1. Alarm clock
2. Notes on bedside table
3. A single person bed
4. Creeping vine plant...that's been dead for awhile...I should throw that out
5. Bookshelves with more books

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
1. Be taken seriously in the scientific community
2. Write a book
3. Translate all of my unsolved projects...which would probably take longer than I have to live sadly enough
4. Make a difference
5. Win an argument with Jack

Five things that make me very happy
1. Finally figuring out a puzzling translation
2. Reading
3. Explaining ancient cultures
4. My wife Sha'uri
5. Meeting new races and cultures

Five things I’m currently into
1. Ancient's language
2. Jazz music
3. This sort of lizard dish Sha'uri likes to make
4. Expert level crossword puzzles
5. ...dying, apparently.

Five things on my To-Do list
1. Translate entire Ancient language
2. Work with Teal'c to make a complete Goa'uld language dictionary
3. Report to General Hammond for our briefing today
4. Eat lunch
5. Gear up for next mission to PR-734

Five things some people may or may not know about you
1. I grew up in a foster home after my parents were killed in an accident
2. The time spent on Abydos after the SGC team left was the happiest of my life
3. I do tend to talk faster when I get excited about a subject
4. I forget to sleep and sometimes eat when I'm working on a difficult translation...it's just so fascinating
5. I own over 5,000 books, I lost count after awhile

Five most important moments of the last year
1. Discovering that my theories were in fact correct
2. Translating the symbols on the Stargate
3. Meeting Sha'uri
4. The defeat of Ra
5. Meeting Mitchell

Five things you enjoy doing during your free time
1. Translation (duh)
2. Reading
3. Crossword puzzles
4. Sleeping
5. Wait, I get free time?

Five impressions of the person who tagged me!
1. Calculated
2. Smart
3. Helpful
4. Professor
5. Slightly eccentric

I tag Jack, Shakarri, and Mitchell. No sense in tagging other me's out there, but if you feel the need, go right ahead.
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Comment to this post and I'll entrust you with five subjects I believe you uniquely qualified to discuss. Then post this in your LJ and tell me something I don't know about the subjects given.

The Fourth Egyptian Dynasty - The Great Pyramid at Giza, unlike the other large archetectural structures built by the pharoahs, has absolutely no writings or inscriptions on the inside of it. Completely blank, which is highly unusual as the pharoahs loved to put their name on everything. It's for this reason, I believe, the egyptians didn't build the pyramids. Hieroglyphs themselves almost seem to be based off of an older more established form of writing that evolved over time.

Knowledge - A dangerous thing in the wrong hands but so curious are we that we continue to look for it.

The allure of the past - There's nothing quite like coming across something that hasn't been discovered before. It's like you've found a key to something everyone else forgot...and now only you know it. Quite amazing really.

Public speaking - This is actually the number one fear of the average person. Number two is death, ironically.

A hobby of yours - I...don't have much outside of work. I do the occasional word puzzle from time to time. Othello is a favorite game of mine, but I still haven't found anyone who can beat me yet.

(and just because) doppelgängers - I keep running into them. There's apparently another Daniel Jackson running around here...doesn't even look like me but we appear to be the same person in memory and qualifications. Verrrry strange.


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