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2010-02-02 11:34 am
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Post 30


[blows nose noisily] Sorry....allergies.
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2009-09-16 02:37 am
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(no subject)

Ask them a question!
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2009-08-08 01:18 am
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...this is scary

Ultimate Livejournal by Bitchgoddess23
Your best friendrepositorykept
Thinks about you all the timedogtag_canvas
Wishes they could be youmypoint_exactly
Has dreams about youhumanatheart
Is secretly stalking youjaffa_notacake
Has a crush on yougay_purree
Wants you deadsister_vesina
Pretends to be your friendstargatejackson
Tells people your secretschuck_not_chet
Spreds rumors about younotdiplomatic
Is in love with yousuffers_vertigo

Thank you ever so much...now I have a reason to be paranoid...